Founded in 1985 in Perth, Western Australia by the John family, Equine Technology has a long and reputable history. The primary mission of the John family was to engineer and supply high-quality equine supplements to horse owners and trainers in the local Perth region, and for the past thirty-three years they have continuously maintained and achieved their mission.  

Today, Equine Technology has grown expediently and now not only supplies products to West Australian horses, but has expanded Australia wide and abroad into Asia. The diverse product range at Equine Technology is rapidly becoming a staple favourite amongst the growing equine community in the southern hemisphere. All products are regularly reviewed by the highly experienced team of veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure the design and formula concur and respond to the latest results and trends in evidence based equine nutritional research.

The entire Equine Technology product range are sourced, made, and packaged in a 'FeedSafe' accredited mixing facility.

Equine Technology strives to produce products of only the highest quality. From 1985 to 2019, that will always be our primary mission.