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Activated Carbon 1kg

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ACTIVATED CARBON is Equine Technology's premium Australian made source of ACTIVATED CARBON, also commonly known as activated charcoal. ACTIVATED CARBON is specifically engineered for toxin absorption within horses, with additional benefits of assisting in the prevention of medical disorders, including colic and laminitis.

While the documented research on ACTIVATED CARBON is still considerably new, the results continue to impress horse owners, with many amazed by the better stool, coat condition, and even healthy hooves noticed in their horses.

ACTIVATED CARBON equips owners with the ability to vary feeding rates depending on the individual and changing needs of their horse. The versatility of ACTIVATED CARBON  allows owners to vary the dosage depending on the condition they wish to treat.

  • For horses suspected of poisoning, recommend feeding 5g per 100kg of body weight.
  • For maintenance, recommend feeding 5-10g daily.

Equine Technology strongly recommends speaking to a veterinarian before commencing use of ACTIVATED CARBON, especially if the horse is already on other medications or treatments.