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Broxol 750g

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BROXOL is an exceptional supplement for horses who suffer from elevated mucus production, nasal congestion, and coughing. Featuring ambroxol hydrochloride, BROXOL is an extremely palatable enhancement which not only eases the suffering of flu like symptoms, but additionally may promote the improvement of the respiratory system.

BROXOL is suitable for all mature horses, with the strongest results seen in the colder months of the year, or when a horse is displaying cold or flu like symptoms.

While BROXOL is a safe and non-prohibited substance, we advise you always refer to your local racing guidelines before commencing use.

  • May promote an increase in general performance and well-being,
  • May promote improvements in breathing for horses suffering from congestion,
  • May promote the removal of mucus from airways,
  • Palatable formula that can always be easily mixed with feeds,
  • Cost effective with fantastic customer feedback.
Active Ingredients per kg per  gram
Ambroxol hydrochloride 5mg
Also contains dextrose and an anti-caking agent.


(Dosage rate based on a 500kg horse. Adjust dosage accordingly if required.)

  • Mix one 15g scoop of Broxol into one daily feed,


  • Mix 15g of Broxol with 30ml of water, and syringe orally into horses’ mouth.


BROXOL is only to be used as part of a balanced diet.

When using this product, always ensure horses have access to plenty of clean drinking water.

Only use this product as specified on the label. An increased dose could be harmful.