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Hesperedine Mix (Hesperidin) 1kg

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HESPEREDINE is a natural product that derives from citrus rind, and has been used by trainers across the world to ease the symptoms of EIPH (blood in the lungs).

Equine Technology have been the leading sellers of HESPEREDINE for over twenty years, and have developed a distinguished reputation among the local Australian market for the treatment of ‘bleeders’.

HESPEREDINE is also known as Hesperidin, Hesperedin, and Hesperedine.

Equine Technology's HESPEREDINE MIX contains a secret vet formulated blend of HESPEREDINE, VITAMIN C AND DEXTROSE, which has served horse trainers well for over 20 years.


Mix daily with feed. 4g per 100kg of body weight. Always seek veterinary advice before using this product for treatment of EIPH or similar issues. Please contact us for information and advice for using this product.