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Oryol Plus Creatine 3kg

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ORYOL PLUS CREATINE is a fantastic feed supplement trusted by West Australian horse owners for over ten years. This product is scientifically formulated to help the improvement of topline muscle in equine athletes. ORYOL PLUS CREATINE main active ingredients are, Gamma Oryzanol which is a concentrated rice extract, and Creatine, which is widely known to help delay fatigue.

Recommended and trusted by horse trainers for over ten years, ORYOL PLUS CREATINE has earned a reputation as being an essential supplement for not only all equine athletes, but also horses struggling to gain extra topline either before completion or sales. Additionally, ORYOL PLUS CREATINE is used by horse owners who are looking to give their horse an extra edge on race day.

ORYOL PLUS CREATINE does not contain any prohibited substances, therefore making it a staple supplement for any horse owner or trainer.


  • Potential to increase topline with the help of exercise and a balanced diet,
  • Potential to increase general performance,
  • Potential to delay onset of lactic acid accumulation and dehydration,
  • Potential to improve coat condition and general well-being.

*Contains Creatine which may help increase muscle productivity and delay fatigue

ORYOL PLUS CREATINE also contains dextrose, calcium carbonate, and apple flavour.

Active Ingredients Per gram
Rice extract (gamma oryzanol) 30mg
Creatine 10mg
Oryol also contains dextrose, calcium carbonate and apple flavour.

(Dosage rate based on a 500kg horse. Adjust dosage if required.)

  • When training commences, mix one 30g scoop every morning and night with feed.
  • Increase dose up to four full scoops (splitting between morning and night feeds) daily as work load is increased
  • When spelling or in light work, mix one 30g scoop with one daily feed as a maintenance dose.
  • It will usually take ORYOL PLUS CREATINE one-two months before taking full effect.

ORYOL PLUS CREATINE is only to be used as part of a balanced diet.

 When using this product, always ensure horses have access to plenty of clean drinking water