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Tryptophan 1kg

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TRYPTOPHAN is a specifically engineered supplement that replaces the essential amino acid L-Tryptophan which is unable to be synthesized by horses, and is usually at too lower levels in Australian feeds. Generally, TRYPTOPHAN can be found as a key ingredient in a single dose syringe products, however at Equine Technology, we believe a singular dose is far too low to have a viable and consistent effect on horses.

TRYPTOPHAN has been used as an effective calmer by horse trainers for years. It is a precursor to serotonin, which is used as a neurotransmitter in the brain, and plays a key role in gut health.

TRYPTOPHAN is an extremely economical product, with the dose rate being as little as 1g daily. It is a pure product, containing no fillers and is 100% reliably sourced L-Tryptophan.


  • Maintenance dose: 1-3g daily
  • Competitions/stressful event: 3-6g daily, three/four days before.

Diets and the level of stress the horse is under, play a role in determining how much tryptophan they require.

Tryptophan is a swab-able substance under some authorities when used at higher levels. We do not recommend feeding on the day of competitions and sell it as a dietary supplement for horses, where L-Tryptophan levels may be low and not as a performance enhancer. 

Our veterinarians recommend trialing with a small dose and increasing to the maximum dose as required.

We also recommend for horses that are suffering some elevated levels of stress, feed in conjunction with Equine Technology‘s CHILL OUT POWDER.  This will give a more comprehensive supply of vitamins and minerals used for calming.